GreKo chess engine


GreKo is a console chess program (engine) which supports WinBoard and UCI protocols. GreKo does not have own graphical interface but is compatible with any modern chess GUI: WinBoard, Arena, ChessBase, Chess Assistant, Kvetka, Scid etc.
The program is written in C++ and is distributed with open source code. GreKo can be built under Windows or Linux. Version for Android is available at the site of the program Chess for Android.
Estimated playing strength of GreKo is about 2700...2800 points in CCRL rating list, depending on hardware and time control.

Latest version

Experimental versions

Opening book

Contains 126470 positions. For GreKo versions from 6.25 till 2016.

Older versions


Kaissa for PC

This is a PC port of the famous Kaissa program, 1974 computer chess World Champion. In 1992 it was rewritten in Turbo C by the ParaGraph company programmers. All search and evaluation algorithms are exactly the same as in the original mainframe version. The archive contains both source code and executable which can be run under modern Windows (tested on XP and Windows 7). All materials are published with the kind permission of Kaissa's authors: A.Arlazarov, A.Bitman, M.Donskoy and A.Uskov.

ITEP program

ITEP chess program for M-20, Soviet vacuum-tube computer, is Kaissa's grandmother. It was written in mid-1960s. Below is a set of scanned pages with handwritten autocode.
Completeness and workability are not guaranteed, but you can try your luck with M-20 emulator :)
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